Monday, February 7, 2011

Physics News: A Scientist from Indonesia Found a Planet Outside Milkyway with His Team of Max Planck Institute of Astronomy for The First Time

 A scientist named Johny Setiawan is a scientist from Indonesia that work in the Max Planck Institute of Astronomy. He lead his team in Max Planck Institute of Astronomy and found a planet outside the Milkyway galaxy. This is the first planet that all scientist in the world have ever found not only outside of our solar system, but also outside the Milkyway. As long as foreign planet of our solar system were called as extrasolar planet that always found inside the Milkyway.

A planet is commonly detected outside our galaxy that orbiting an agony star at 2000 years of light distance from Earth. The size of the planet was little bit bigger than the Jupiter, our biggest planet in our solar system. The both of this planet and Jupiter is the same type of the hot gas planet.
“This discovery is really surprising, because the distance of that planet was really far away from Earth where as long as our research before, there’s no planet that we can detect in another galaxy,” said Rainer Klement of Max Planck Institute of Astronomy, Thursday (11/18/2010).
Johny Setiawan and his team was successed detecting the location of the star and that planet by concern to a beat of wave on the surface of the star due to the gravitation of orbiting planet and the star. They used the telescope of South Europe Laboratory in the La Silla Observatorium, Cile, that built at 2 400 meters high and located at 600 kilometers North of Santiago City.
The planet was named as HIP 13044 b. The system of that planet and star was estimated as part of helmi flow,  the group of separated stars of mini galaxy that was shattered after sucked by the graviation of Milkyway between 6 until 9 billion years ago. The planet and star also estimated that it is moving directly to the Milkyway before if fused.
The star that is orbited by HIP 13044 b was classified as the Giant Red Star that is on its ending time. The size is expanded become so big due to almost all of its nucleus energy is released.
The HIP 13044 is very hot because it is orbiting really near of this star. Beside, the planet is orbiting so fast with only 16 days period. The scientist estimated the old of the planet is not so long before it collide its star.
“The discovery is really interesting fo seeing the future of our solar system, because Sun have been estimated become the Giant Red Star about five billion years again,” said Johny.

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