Monday, August 15, 2011

Physics Context: Have you ever heard "Ice Circle"?

When you see a strange circle on the surface of the river, do not rush to conclude that the UFO had just landed in river. Maybe what you see is the Ice Circle newly formed.

Ice Circle or the circle of ice is a phenomenon that appears in the water that has a slow flow in a cold climate. The shape resembles a giant dish which consists of ice and rotates slowly on the surface of the water.

This mystery is in fact already been alluded to in the 19th century. An illustration of the Ice Circle magazine ever published in Scientific American in 1895. London News also reported this phenomenon that occurred in Toronto in 1930.

Generally, this phenomenon was appeared in Scandinavia and North America, but never once seen in the UK in January 2009.

Ice Circle generally appears on the curve of the river where water flow is accelerated to create a force called "rotational shear," which then broke the ice and play.
In line with the rotation of the disk, he grinds the ice around it so it becomes smooth and forms a perfect circle. This phenomenon has been identified although the cause, but it remains a rare occurrence.

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