Monday, August 15, 2011

Physics Context: Waterfall is usual. What about "fire fall"? Amazing! - Looking at the waterfall may be the norm. However, what about "fire falls"? This is a unique phenomenon that can be seen at Horsetail Falls in Yosemite National Park, California. The fire was contained in the group plunged Sierra Nevada mountains, west of Lake Tahoe, having an altitude of 2,000 feet or approximately 600 meters.

"Fire fall" is basically a waterfall, but unique in that get sun exposure so the shimmering golden twilight. This incident is very rare and only a few days a year, usually in February, the sun will highlight a waterfall, creating an orange light like a flame skyline. 

This phenomenon is best seen fire fall at 17:30 local time. At that time, the light shines the evening sun just rocks around the waterfall. That's where the miracle of nature occurs and natural illumination is created. However, it is difficult to be seen because it is one of the rarest natural phenomenons.

Josh Anon, a resident of San Francisco, managed to capture the phenomenon of "fire fall" it. "If a sufficient amount of water and the sky is bright enough to get a light evening sun, the sun will be there at the right angle to illuminate the water and make it shine," he said.

He said it is difficult to get a chance watch it. "When the solar system began to sink, water  shine was a little yellow. Then, suddenly the water shines and looks like lava," said Anon.

Yosemite National Park that stretches along 3,000 kilometers attract 3.5 million tourists each year. Fire waterfall is one of enchantment. Fire waterfall can be reached by climbing to the north of Twin Bridge over U.S. 50 route.

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