Ice Circle

Ice Circle or the circle of ice is a phenomenon that appears in the water that has a slow flow in a cold climate. The shape resembles a giant dish which consists of ice and rotates slowly on the surface of the water.

Fire Rainbow

Atmospheric phenomenon was known as arc circum-horizon or Fire Rainbow, will appear when the sun is high (more than 58 degrees above the horizon).

Fire Fall

"Fire fall" is basically a waterfall, but unique in that get sun exposure so the shimmering golden twilight. This incident is very rare and only a few days a year, usually in February, the sun will highlight a waterfall, creating an orange light like a flame skyline.

Fire Ball

"Fire Ball" an unexplained atmospheric electrical phenomenon. The term refers to reports of luminous, spherical objects which vary from pea-sized to several meters in diameter (Wikipedia).

NAO Robot

"NAO Robot" is an autonomous, programmable humanoid robot developed by Aldebaran Robotics, a French robotics company headquartered in Paris (Wikipedia).

NAO Robot

"Cavendish Experiment" was the first experiment to measure the force of gravity between masses in the laboratory[1] and the first to yield accurate values for the gravitational constant (Wikipedia).

Star Telescope

"Star telescope " A telescope is an instrument that aids in the observation of remote objects by collecting electromagnetic radiation (such as visible light). The first known practical telescopes were invented in the Netherlands at the beginning of the 17th century, using glass lenses. They found use in terrestrial applications and astronomy (Wikipedia).

With My First High School-Students

"When "I was a traning teacher in SMA N Bali Mandara, Indonesia, to complete my assigntment in bachelor degree.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Mankind Mind and Earth in Schumann Resonance

The fundamental Schumann resonance frequency is claimed to be extremely benificial to existence of the biological cycle phenomena of plants, animals and humans. However, the results from our acupuncture meridian and EEG studies have shown that frequencies between 8.8 and 13.2 Hz, which fall between peaks of the Schumann resonance, mainly correlate with analysed human electrophysiological signals, while one study proves a correlation between transfer function of Schumann resonance and electro-acupunture meridian (Ćosić et al., 2006). 
In 1952, the German physicist Wilfried Otto Schumann discovered that the cavity between the earth and ionosphere acts as an electromagnetic resonant cavity. Energized by electrical discharges (lightning), very low frequency resonances are created around the earth. The lowest frequency (the fundamental) has a frequency of only 7,83 Hz which corresponds with a wavelength of 38,000 km/24,000 miles (the circumference of the earth is about 40,000 km/25,000 miles). The ionosphere protects us against harmful radiation from the sun and from out of space, there are indications that the so-called Schumann Resonance plays a role in this. On the earth, mankind is creating more and more high frequency radiation. RFI (Radio Frequency Interference) and EMI (Electro Magnetic Interference) will pollute your A/V set and, according to certain people, also your listening room and your body.

The newly generated 7,83 Hz wave by the SCHUMANN RESONANCE PLUG will counteract the effects of this radiation. With the SR PLUG, you will notice a clearer sound with a richer timbre, more details, a deeper soundstage and a more powerful and dynamic sound.

The SR PLUG relies on a fully different principle than all other mains related products. Thus, the SR PLUG cannot degrade the effect of other products. On the contrary, the positive effects do enhance each other (, 1999).

Friday, May 18, 2012

Physics Context: Special Relativity in the Design of Particle Accelerators

I hear some questions of some students in a Senior High School when a teacher teach about the Special Relativity of Einstein."What is the use of this consept?" So, I want to ask that student back, if it was my chance, I'll say what do you think? You do not know? Are you realy want to know? Let's check it out!

Physics News: Ancient Maya Ruins Reveal 1200-year-old Astronomical Tables

Here is a new update from It is abour a Maya ruins, one of them, that express a 1200 year-old astronomic tables on a wall. What is it about? Let's we check it out!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Physics News: Nobel Prize 2011 by an Israel Scientist! Wonderful Chemist!

Scientists from Israel won the Nobel Prize for chemistry thanks to a remarkable discovery. Scientists managed to break the old understand about the pattern of crystal-forming component. Understand the old saying that the crystal has a repeating pattern forming. However, this discovery succeeded in undermining understands it. It took years to understand Shechtman's new truth by scientists is recognized worldwide.

Physics Concept: Moon as Earth's Natural Satelite

Moon is shown as the beautiful circular light from the Earth. Therefore, in the past time, human realized that the earth is a holy thing. So many people have the great mythology about moon. Some of them call the moon as God, and any other mythology. This is happen because the moon just shown as far object that cannot be reached by human in that time. 

Physics Concept: Atmosphere and Weather

Atmosphere is the layer of air that surrounds the earth. The air is a gas object consisting of a variety of gases, dust, moisture and other particles. This will protect the earths from excessive solar radiation and meteor hit (the rocks) derived from space. In addition, the atmosphere is the medium for the cloud, due to the position of the Earth 32 ½ tilted to the plane of orbit, causing weather patterns are not the same as every part of the world long the year. Movement of air in the atmosphere sometimes also cause havoc such as hurricanes that hit many areas on the surface of this earth. Because of this atmosphere influence eventually evolved sciences such as climatology, meteorology and geophysics.

The atmosphere consists of layers of gas to a height of 80 km of gas composition in the atmosphere can be said uniform. In the dry state of the air composition is largely made up of:
Nitrogen                      78%
Oxygen                       21%
Carbon dioxide           0.03%
Noble gases                 0.936%
Water vapor and dust Uncertain

Physics Concept: The Theory of Relativity

    Frame of reference is the beginning of the emergence of the theory of Relativity. The theory developed by Albert Einstein was a result of his analysis of physical phenomena that have never discussed the existence of a universal reference frame. Frame of reference that is used there are two types, namely inert frame of reference and terms of reference are not inert.

    Frame of reference is not inert shells intended to accelerate. This reference frame used in the general theory of Relativity.
    Inert reference frame is a coordinate system relative to the physical measurements (e.g. mass, velocity, time, length, energy, momentum and so on). A universal reference frame is a system that moves with the speed and direction are fixed (without acceleration).
    Einstein's General Relativity Theory requires a curved space to describe the physical world is using mathematical theory of differential geometry and tensors to describe gravity and quite complicated. This theory has the same form for all observers, both for the observer who is engaged in an inert or frame of reference for the observer who is engaged in an accelerated frame of reference. In general Relativity, gravity is no longer a force (as in Newton's law of gravity) but is a consequence of the curvature of space-time. General relativity showed that the curvature of space-time is due to the presence of mass.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Physics Context: Nuclear Physics Explains UFO

After half a century of investigation, a nuclear physicist believes that the phenomenon of flying saucers or UFOs can be explained scientifically.

"Some UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft which is controlled intelligently. And this is the biggest story this century," said Stanton Friedman, a nuclear physicist, as reported by, Thursday, June 10, 2010.

Stanton Friedman worked for 14 years as a nuclear physicist for such companies as General Electric, General Motors, Westinghouse, and Aerojet General Nucleonics.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Physics Context: Fire Rainbow

Atmospheric phenomenon was known as arc circum-horizon or Fire Rainbow (rainbow fire), will appear when the sun is high (more than 58 degrees above the horizon). Sunlight shone through straight and cirrus clouds, thus producing a kind of crystal slabs and formed hexagon prism effect. So it looks like a rainbow-shaped flame.

Physics Context: Ball Lightning is not a UFO! So?

Many studies have suggested that ball lightning is a form of discharge is varied and sustained within microseconds. Although many different observations in a field / space occurrence of ball lightning, but in principle all of which aim to provide a basic understanding that can be used as a comparison in explaining the process of ball lightning. In explanation, the Poisson equations are a method of approach that can provide an understanding of an equation of the electron and ion movement in explaining the occurrence of ball lightning.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Physics Context: Ice Wave! How did it? Who did it?

Physics Context: Have you ever heard "Ice Circle"?

When you see a strange circle on the surface of the river, do not rush to conclude that the UFO had just landed in river. Maybe what you see is the Ice Circle newly formed.

Ice Circle or the circle of ice is a phenomenon that appears in the water that has a slow flow in a cold climate. The shape resembles a giant dish which consists of ice and rotates slowly on the surface of the water.