Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Physics News: Einstein's Brain Was Stealed

lbert Einstein was the a genius scientist in 20th century. His imaginations, concept understandings, creativities, inovations and complex minds of physics was made the great discovery of modern physics. His postulate has been used to creating technology that requires the concept of modern physics like space lab, nuclear, photovoltaic, and so many others. These briliant idea of him was made the high curiousity of some scientist in that century about Einstein’s intelligent. The one manifestation of this curiousity was happened on a scientist that had a ambition to do a research of Einstein’s brain. This ambition is happened of a scientist that made an incident of The Stealing of Einstein’s Brain.
In 1955, seven hours after the Einstein’s death, the scientist named Harvey would like to autopsy the brain of this great scientist.  But, when Harvey was doing this autopsy, he release his mad idea. He wanted to do a research of this brain. He would like to know about the brain structure of Einstein that made him so genius. Initially, Harvey did it without any permission of Einstein’s familly, so this could be called as a stealing.
In the other hand, there’s an biography of Einstein that wrote by Ronald Clark (1971) and said that, “He really agree if his brain will be used as research object and his body should to be cremated”.  This Ronald Clark’s statement was not so valid, because Harvey was toke Einstein’s  brain without the any permission of Einstein’s family. The using of Einstein’s brain as a research object was making the great complication.

But finally, Einstein’s son give a permission to the scientist to use the Einstein’s brain as the research object. The Einstein’s brain was given back in 1978 and has been saved in a bottle with consisting cider in a museum.