Saturday, January 8, 2011

Physics Context: Anomaly in the Law of Gravity

Propulsion Laboratory where physicists jet engine works have studied data from two Pioneer spacecraft 10 and 11 who had been flying for ten years of solar system.

The plane should fly with the speed of 40,000 kilometers per hour remained to the end of this solar system even slower.  Although it has been considering the possibility of gravity of the sun and planets through which there is simply no answer.

At that time, Anderson thinks the explanation is simple.  There may be damage to the aircraft or the wrong calculation.

Anderson is shy and rarely speaks, of course, impossible to hold a press conference stating that the American spacecraft does not follow the laws of physics.
Anderson is now 70 years old just mumbled "Maybe there is something that has happened I understand”.
Although alone and many critics are even questioning the ability of mathematics, 20 years later, Anderson's research produced results.

In October, the European Space Agency recommends that a special mission into space to try whether the discovery of Anderson's possible to make a physics text books rewritten.  Some scientists even speculate that the "Pioneer Anomaly plane" to uncover the mysteries like the existence of "dark matter" or the existence of inter-dimensional forces that put forward by the theory of "string".

But to the public we chose not to exaggerate these things before, said Slava G.  Turyshev, a former Russian scientist who participated researching this anomaly. Well whatever happens Anderson has entered his name into history.
Gravity is one of the forces of nature are very much studied.  It is Newton who in the 17th century says that every object in the universe attract each other proportionally.

Einstein in 1915 to complete this theory by saying that things are less attracted by things that are bigger on the trampoline to jump modality with a bowling ball. 

"I began to observe the anomalous acceleration as the plane approached the Sun", Anderson said, which means the aircraft is slowing down.

Its anomaly is small, only 8x10 -8 cm/s2 but when converted to trip a year to 12,800 kilometers, a small error for a plane that can travel 350 million miles traveled as far as that.  Oh yes, the anomaly is about tenth billion weaker than Earth's gravity.

Now after 20 years this plane glide, his guilt has reached 400,000 kilometers, which means its distance Earth to the Moon.

When the first time this phenomenon is observed, Anderson thought that the sun radiation and the heat was the cause, or maybe a mechanical fault in plane.  The main accused was a gas leak followed by a release of energy from the generator.  But it seems unlikely.

"He's still scratching his head" during a meeting in Los Alamos in 1994 when the speaker, Michael Martin Nieto asked at the annual update of physics, "Does anyone else want to add?"

"Well, I have a problem with the Pioneer aircraft", Anderson said.
"I nearly fell off the chair," Nieto said.

That's when the plane Pioneer Anomaly is played and participated attracts young scientists to examine. The plane contacted the Pioneer 10 was the last time the Earth in January 2003.

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