Sunday, November 28, 2010

Educational Theory: Teachers and Lecturers as Professional Educators

Educators have two meanings, namely a broad sense and narrow sense. Educators in the broad sense is a person who is obliged to foster children. Naturally all the children, before they mature to receive guidance from the adults so that they can develop and grow naturally. Because humans are naturally also require supervision of children like that because he provided so little instinct to preserve his life. In this case, people are obliged to foster children naturally are their parents and the community respectively. Meanwhile, educators in the narrow sense are those who prepared to become a teacher and lecturer. Both types of educator was given a lesson about education in a relatively long time for them to master knowledge and skills that their field work. Educators are not sufficiently studied at the college just before being appointed to teachers or lecturers. But also learned and taught during their work, for they will increased their professionalization.
Teachers and lecturers are professional officers, because they were given professional allowances. Although they are formally as professional officers, many people who doubt their professionalism, especially the teachers. This is because (1) teachers and lecturers do not give jobs to their decision, and (2) according to the society, the work can be done to educate everyone, not just teachers. Regarding the first reason above, may not be too burdensome because it can still be improved. In addition, not all officials other professionals working satisfactorily. But for the second reason, it needs more serious attention because of this that gives the main features of a professional office. A professional positions usually say if they can do their job well and certainly not a professional job can be done by just anyone. Only the concerned officials who have special skills in the sector to be able to do his duty so called professional officials.