Sunday, November 28, 2010

Educational Theory: Inquiry Based Learning

The learning process involves a process transfer of learning from educators to the students. In the classical learning, transfer of learning only occur between educators and learners. However, in more advanced learning, transfer of learning occurred on learners and all the resources that enable science. Learning methods are more appropriate to implement it is inquiry method based on discovery learning theory.
With the method inquiry the role of teacher in learning more allows the creation of a more conducive learning conditions such as giving students the opportunity more active role in managing the information, think critically and responsibly.
It is more important is the motivation to study. Motivation to learn each person, one to another is not the same. Motivation to learn more dominant depending on one's internal factors. Mals According to Low, 5 factors that affect one's learning motivation are:
· Physiological needs, such as hunger, thirst, and sexual desire
· Safety needs, both mentally, physically, and intellectually
· Love needs they've received
· Self esteem needs. Examples of prestige to own a car or a luxury home, office, and others.
· Self actualization, availability of opportunity for someone to develop the potential inherent in themselves so that turned into a real capability.
After the basic needs of students can be met, then we may consider tips to consider in supporting  the learning process. The most important tips you need to do is explore the potential of students, including pre-conception by providing opportunities for students to discover the concepts according to what they experienced during the experience of the concept, for example, in assessing their own experiments or literature. Thus, in this case the teacher is a facilitator of learning.
In conventional learning with more traditional curriculum, the learning is not accompanied with the search student preconceptions. However, in more advanced learning teachers are required to track students 'preconceptions and know whether the preconceptions held by students' misconceptions or not. This can be realized either by applying the learning method inquiry based on discovery learning theory that takes into account students' cognitive factors.