Saturday, December 24, 2011

Physics News: Nobel Prize 2011 by an Israel Scientist! Wonderful Chemist!

Scientists from Israel won the Nobel Prize for chemistry thanks to a remarkable discovery. Scientists managed to break the old understand about the pattern of crystal-forming component. Understand the old saying that the crystal has a repeating pattern forming. However, this discovery succeeded in undermining understands it. It took years to understand Shechtman's new truth by scientists is recognized worldwide.

Reporting from the CNN page, Wednesday, September 6, 2011, scientists are SHECHTMAN DANIEL, 70. In 1982, he found that crystals do not have the elements forming the same pattern and repetitive, but composed with a random pattern but dense.

His invention is called quasicrystal, a regular crystal structure but not the same but symmetrical. Quasicrystal pattern is similar with the pattern on the ceramic and stained glass in medieval Islamic art.

Quasicrystal can be used as a very sharp object. It has been applied in a razor blade and very sharp needles used in eye surgery. There is some research that states that the quasicrystal can generate electricity from heat energy.

Un-periodical mosaics, as found in the palace in Spain or Temple Alhamdra Darb-i on Iran that was built in the heyday of Islam, helping scientists to understand what kind of quasicrystal in the size of atoms," said Peter J. Lu, Professor of Harvard University, who examined the pattern of the Islamic era pottery.

Schechtman is currently professor at the University of Iowa in Ames, United States. Nobel award was officially scheduled to be carried out in Stockholm on December 10. Prizes will be received is 10 million Swedish kronor (Rp12, 8 billion).

There already 10 Israelis who won the Nobel Prize. This is a pride for a country that only has a population of 7.8 million. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and former President Shimon Peres gave to the survival of Schechtman top award.

"Every Israeli citizen must be happy today and every Jew in the world would be proud," said Netanyahu.