Monday, November 8, 2010

Educational Theory: Teachers Ethic Codes in Indonesia

With the grace of Almighty God that Indonesian teachers realize that the office of teacher is a honorable and noble profession. Devoted teacher and devoted to the intellectual life of the nation and improve the quality of the Indonesian people who play, pious and noble and master science, technology and art in creating a developed society, just, prosperous, and civilized.
Indonesian Teachers always perform professionally with the primary task of educating, teaching, guiding, directing, training to assess and evaluate students on early childhood education, formal education, basic education and secondary education. Indonesian teachers have high reliability as a major resource to achieve national education goals of developing students' potentials in order to become human beings who believe and fear Allah the Almighty God, noble, healthy, knowledgeable, skilled, creative, independent and become a citizen democratic and accountable.
Teacher Indonesia is a decent human being replicated in society, nation and state, especially by learners in performing tasks sticking to principlesing ngarso sung tulodho, ing madya mangun karso, tut wuri handayani”. In an effort to realize these principles Indonesian teacher when running professional duties in accordance with the development of science and technology.. 
Indonesian Teachers are responsible to deliver their students to reach maturity as future leaders in all walks of life. To that end, interested parties should not ignore the role of teachers and the profession, for the nation to grow in line with other nations in the developed world, both on the present and the future. Such conditions could suggest that the teachers and the profession is a necessary component of life by this state and nation throughout the ages. Only with the task of teacher professional duties that can be realized acknowledge that meaningful state and nation, esteemed and respected in the association between the peoples of the world.
Teachers increasingly important role in the global era. Only through the guidance of professional teachers, each student can become qualified human resources, competitive and productive as a national asset in the face of competition are more stringent and severe now and in the future.
In carrying out his profession Indonesia is fully aware that teachers need to set Master Code of Indonesia as a guideline to be and behave that manifests in the form of moral values and ethics in the office of teachers as educators sons and daughters of the nation.